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Last Update: 2018/Apr/21

Site Rating Add your vote
Sensual Matches 369
First Meet 362
sweet Hookups Only! 351
Date Hookup 301
Tie Up us 293
Adult Date Link 271
RTD 1 254
Beat Your age 232
Fik.Me 231
Get Laid with Me 212
0 Kids dating 192
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Tinder 258
Blendr 237
Pure 222
Skout 210



How it is working and how to use?

SexApp#1 concept is very simple: we test and review hookup apps and sites, collect your opinions and then build and maintain our hookup apps and sites list. What we expect from you is to make a lot of dates and hookups using sites and apps we recommend, but don't forget us, so come back and give a thumb up or down for specified hookup site or app! :)

Keep in mind, that if you can't land one night stand on some site or app in first few tries, it doesn't mean that site is bad, it may be that you need to change something in your dating profile, hookup line or something else, so be careful when you give your votes. You can vote for every sex / dating / hookup site or app, but only one vote per site or app, that means that if you tested few sites and apps you can vote few times for each, but you can't vote 2 times for same site or app, simply you like site/app or you don't like it.

Tips for using Hookup Apps and Sites to get laid fast